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Tea estates produce thousands of lots of tea every season. No two teas produced by the same garden, even on the same day, can be of equivalent quality. For this reason, it is impossible for a customer to judge the quality of a particular lot of tea simply by knowing its garden, flush or date of picking.

We at Faya Studio do not merely consider tea garden and flush; we meticulously and thoroughly taste every single lot of tea on various rigorous parameters before deciding which of the teas can find place in our catalogue. Thus, we offer only a limited range of the best amongst the finest teas. This unique feature differentiates us from most other tea sellers, since they merely list all the teas they receive by the name of the estate and the flush. These, however, are neither correct nor sufficient parameters to judge the quality of a particular lot.

Faya Studio does not employ such gimmicks. Only after careful deliberation do we select the very limited lots of teas that can be offered to our discerning customers. So, you can know that the cup of tea you are drinking has been curated, tasted and approved by some of the best tasters in the world.


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